Learning English – Listening Exercises

listenOne of the first experiences with language we all have starts before we are even born. Babies learn to produce language by hearing and copying the sounds around them.

When learning English (or any other language) this same skill is something we can all develop and practice. This will help reinforce learned vocabulary and structures, and recognise patterns of language.

We use our listening skills more than any other communicative skill and the power of the internet has made this an easy task to practice.

Tools such as MyBrainShark, Vocaroo, MailVu are free and allow students and teachers to record their voices with our smartphones, laptops and tablets.

Audio recording is a tool I use with all of my students, by listening to a few sentences every day your listening comprehension will improve dramatically.

Try using these free resources to record your own sentences, here are a few to get you started:

‘Would you mind handing me that bag over there?’

‘I love walking along the banks of the Danube in the spring.’

‘My father’s a farmer but my mother work at a nearby hospital.’


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