What’s the worst thing you’ve been asked to do in a job interview?

A south Wales graduate was forced into some awkward robot dancing during a Currys recruitment day.

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David Brent, nightmare boss from The Office

Alan Bacon had done plenty of research and preparation for the role, and felt well-versed in the products he would be expected to sell. Instead, he found himself “doing rubbish robotics” to the strains of Daft Punk alongside other embarrassed jobseekers when he attempted to secure a post at a south Wales branch of Currys.

From opaque questions to humiliating group exercises, the modern job interview can throw up some onerous situations. Share your worst job interview experiences in the thread below.

I was once asked “Do you write?” in an interview, but misheard it as “Do you ride?” (both of which were odd questions for the job), so I went on this long meandering speech about how yes, I do ride.

Follow the ongoing thread on the Guardian website or follow Liberty Language Services Budapest on Facebook.


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