Free Skype Lessons!

Free Skype lessons for everyone!

Book a Skype English lesson with me between Monday 7th October and Friday 11th October free of charge.


Although I have been teaching English for over three years I am new to teaching English via Skype. I understand that it requires different techniques than teaching in the traditional one to one sense. Because of this I am using this free week to test out some new ideas and methods so that I can offer the best possible service to my students. Some technical tests will also be carried out during these lessons.

Feedback is important, so to anyone who has a free lesson with me during this time all I ask in return is your open and honest opinions about what you liked and what could be improved about the lesson. Each lesson will be 45 minutes long and may require some reading before the lesson.

If you are interested or would like to know more then please send me a message via Skype, Facebook, or Twitter. You can also fill out the contact form below.

My Skype name: contactpaulthomas

Places are limited so please book early.


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