Skype English Lessons

English language lessons via Skype

By using Skype and collaborative working on Google Docs students are able to learn more effectively than in a one to one or group class. Reading, writing, speaking and listening are used almost simultaneously when using Skype and Google Docs together. The potential for learning online is huge and as the technology improves so does the quality of teaching and pace of the learning.

Book your free lesson with me if you are looking to:

  1. Increase your passive and active vocabulary
  2. Improve your pronunciation
  3. Practice important grammar rules
  4. Improve your written English

My lessons will  help you speak more fluently and with greater confidence.  All lessons are forty five minutes, pricing and scheduling are both flexible.

What is Google Docs?

Google Docs is an online word processor that lets you create and format text documents and collaborate with other people in real time.’

The means that while the teacher and student are using the video and audio features of Skype to communicate the student is also reading and writing using the Google Docs real time collaborative feature.

So students find themselves listening, speaking, reading and writing almost simultaneously; this innovation allows students to focus on all four learning aspects much quicker than traditional private teaching.

As a teacher I find this very exciting and I am always looking for and developing my methods so that students learn more effectively.

Google Docs enable me, your teacher, to easily share course materials with you during the lesson. Furthermore, experience has taught me that students may not fully understand what is being said to them.

So, during your live online lesson, both you and I can use instant messaging and collaboration documents to check spelling of unknown words or structures used in the lesson, to explain grammar problems, and to correct any mistakes in your written English homework assignments.


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