7 Delightful Forgotten English Words

If you’re looking to boost your Scrabble game or make your friends feel like blunkerkins, you might want to check out The Horologicon, obsessed blogger Mark Forsyth\’s witty compendium of words long forgotten by most speakers of English.

1. Snollygoster

noun [snol·ee·gos·ter]

A shrewd, unprincipled person, especially a politician.

2. Grinnow

noun [gri·noh]

A stain that doesn\’t come out in the wash.

3. Ultracrepidarianism

noun [uhl·truh·krep·i·dair·ee·uhn·ism]

Giving opinions on subjects you know nothing about.

4. Chasmophile

noun [kas·muh-fahyl]

Lover of nooks and crannies.

5. Guttle

verb [guht·l]

To eat greedily.

6. Uhtceare

noun [oot·key·are·a]

Lying awake before dawn and worrying.

7. Mumbudget

noun [muhm·buhj·it]

Keeping quiet.

via 7 Delightful Forgotten English Words.


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