Top 13 Hated Words in English Language (2013)

Despite being voted Oxford English Dictionaries Online’s word of the year ‘selfie‘ has also been awarded the accolade of most hated word of the year by Michigan’s Lake Superior State University.

The list, which is released every year on New Year’s Eve, also included the following vocabulary:




Mister Mom


On Steroids



Intellectually/Morally Bankrupt



Fan Base

The selfie – which is a type of self-portrait usually taken with a smartphone – can actually be traced back all the way to 1839 by Robert Cornelius and American pioneer photographer, but the word itself probably came from the word selca a South Korean term meaning self camera.

Personally I love the the word, it’s short, easy to remember as well as pronounce, describes perfectly the action it alludes to and is universally understood.


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