Those who speak the language fluently ‘earn 34% more than others’

According to The Times of India people who speak English fluently earn up to 34% more than those who do not speak the language.

I would be particularly interested to see how this correlates in Europe, whether the numbers are similar?

The report authored by Dr Abusaleh Shariff of the Centre for Research and Debates in Development Policy, New Delhi and Amit Sharma, research analyst with the National Council for Applied Economic Research states;

‘Men who speak English fluently earn wages about 34% higher and men who speak a little English earn wages about 13% higher than those who don’t speak any English,’

The report concludes that only 20% of the Indian population can speak in English, and only 4% would be considered fluent.

‘Politicians who don’t like English are captains of a sinking ship. Higher education in English helps us get better integrated into the globalized organized sector and labour market. Those without access to higher education in English are being left out,’ Dr Shariff told TOI.


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