Cancellation Policy

48-Hour Cancellation Policy

Cancellations made less than 48 hours before the lesson will be charged at the full fee except in cases of serious illness or injury that requires absence from school, university or work.

If the cancelled lesson is mutually rescheduled within two weeks (in addition to the usual weekly lessons), no cancelled lesson will be charged. If the student cannot attend at the alternative time, or there are no other available timeslots, the student will be charged the full hourly fee for the missed lesson.

Likewise, this 48-hour cancellation policy applies equally to the Teacher.


If a student arrives late, for whatever reason, the lesson will still finish at the agreed time, and the full fee will still be payable.

Suggestions for Each Lesson

Please bring to every lesson: completed homework for marking or make it available in your shared Google drive homework folder, a notepad or A4 ring binder file, a pen or a pencil.


Any resources given to the student is subject to copyright and may not be published or distributed. All exercises, lesson notes or additional material provided will be share in your share Google Drive folder, however I reserve the right to ‘unshare’ that folder if a student no longer continues lessons with me.


All payments must be made in advance of the agreed lessons, and can be paid for with cash, via bank transfer, Western Union or Paypal.


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